Winter Miles, Summer Smiles

It is time to get online and start training. Simple and structured training is key.

On TrainingPeaks with a ramp rate average of 5-6 points per week and a starting CTL of 30. Common after a period of rest during the off season. 

That leaves us with 12 weeks of training to improve you (CTL) Fitness and (FTP) Functional threshold power  to a sizeable number which can make you enjoy the event you set your sites on. 

My calculations…

12 weeks @ a ramp of 5-6. Using a 3 week build, and a 1 week intensity taper ( you will hold your ramp rate ) on this week as you drop your volume your ramp rate will stagnate. It should not go up when you do a periodization week. 

The above gives you a monthly 15-18ramp rate, and you want to be around 75 CTL for your event.

With a consistent 8-10hr week of volume, keeping in mine a consistent flow between volume and intensity….

You should be there at your intended Chronic Training Load (CTL) in roughly 3 months with simple + structured training.

Events that are longer than 3 days. Like the ABSA Cape Epic, Dryland Cape Pioneer you want to take your Chronic Training Load higher. This does not mean you need to cram more miles in the 3 months…You need to start 3 months earlier to get a solid 100 CTL. As your CTL number or Fitness line grows its slows down and needs times to keep its increasing. This will take 6 months to get a sizeable CTL and means upping the volume slightly by 2-4hours more a week, but should not break you trying too get their.

Remember it is all about the consistency of your interval work vs your output of your volume. Not forgetting your recovery in between.

So what are you waiting for…Winter is a great period to build a consistent base. What you put in now you will achieve those summer endurance goals. 

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