Goal Setting during Covid Lockdown

I have enjoyed the free time to expand my knowledge and fitness of indoor training with all these virtual apps to keep you motivated during Covid lockdown.
Due to the fact that a number of races have been cancelled. There are many people without future goals. It is important to remain motivated and driven and continuously plan for the future. This will stop future “Panic and pay” too a quick “Stress” train when races do open.
Without planning ahead you cannot put in a suitable structure or blocks to build in strength and endurance. Adhoc training sessions has no consistency or structure to keep the “wheel turning”.
With no racing it is a good time to work on factors you have taken for granted in your training. Simple things like stretching, isometric training, core and strength work, working on building your endurance by pushing out your threshold without going into your “hard” neuromuscular adaptation.
Take the time now to really put in practice that 80% endurance and 20% Intensity rule.
Try use the virtual world for now and put your thoughts on choosing some new challenges… That first 100miler or full run marathon online. By adding in these small goals this year is will keep you focused and motivated on your training and allow you to be ready to set those longer term goals for next years outdoor events when they open.
Goal setting and future planning is well proven as a strategy to help athletes improve their performance. Without a plan in place you will fail to reach your full potential when races do open.
Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
So take this time to put in process and identify what you want to accomplish and create a future plan to achieve your desired results. This will allow you to systematically move toward the achievement of these goals that you have made realistic in your mind. This will keep you motivated to train through current uncertain times.

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