“What I like about Taygan is that he always tries to make you better. You don’t have to do the same exercises over and over again. He’ll change the routine when he thinks you’re up for it and the results are amazing! After a knee surgery and a mountain bike accident, I’m riding again, pain free. 94.7 eat your heart out! Thanks to Taygan!” ~ Feliciana Groothuis

“Being a mom to 4 children doesn’t allow for ease when it comes to training. Waking up every morning to a training program that’s is perfectly suited to me makes going to train so much easier. It results in motivation to do your best for yourself and your coach. Since starting with Taygan I have gone from nothing to having done 2 triathlons. Never thought it would be possible. Here’s to getting stronger and doing more stage rides and triathlons.” ~ Catherine O’Brien

“Taygan encouraged me to race my bicycle again and fine tuned certain areas in my training, which I had neglected to do in the past. I also took up running at the same time, which I was not able to do without messing up my cycling. Anyone with ambitions of racing and working full time, should consider using Taygan as I now race better and spend less time away from my family.” ~ Anthony Field-Buss

“We have trained with Taygan Robson since 2006. Taygan has over the years become a good friend, yet he has always maintained his professionalism and stayed up to date with latest fitness developments. He listens to us and varies his programs to suit our requirements. We are proud to be in our mid 40’s and be fitter, stronger, healthier and lighter than we were in our early 20’s.” ~ Shaun & Heidi Williamson

My cycling is on another level with the leg and core training we do. A lot more power and stability on the bike and greater overall peak performance and endurance. Overall if I have seen between a 10% and 15% improvement in speed with no more time on the bike than before. Even my technical riding has improved with strong core. Also seen my stomach muscles for the first time in years:)” ~ Stuart Hardy

“Coming off the back of Comrades and Skyrun with some tough recovery time, Taygan identified areas in my core and stabilizers that were hindering my overall performance. Going back to basics and building from the bottom up he has helped me better understand the mechanics and dynamics of what my muscles need and how they need to work in order for me to get the best out of them. Happier running, faster progress, better recovery.” ~ Leigh Riley

“When I started training with Taygan a year ago I never thought I’d get any stronger on my bike. Thanks to Satan (aka Coach) & his killer Watt bike sessions and core & strength workouts my 947 race was 43 minutes faster than the previous year which is huge!! In fact he’s such a good trainer that he made me believe I could do Durban 70.3 so guess what I’m doing this year.” ~ Judith Thomson

“Thanks to Taygan I was able to complete my first 3 day stage trail run with ease.” ~ Manuela Botha

“I like Taygan … as a friend, but lets be VERY CLEAR about something. When it comes to training and making you meet your goals you better be ALL IN and COMMITTED because he is BRUTALLaY HONEST, UNCOMPROMISING and RESULTS DRIVEN and will not hesitate to call you out and make you BLEED THROUGH YOUR EYEBALLS. Other than that you good to go… Happy Training ;)” ~Max Cluer | International and Olympic Commentator / Host / Speaker

“Taygan is an ex pro Mountain Biker and a specialist personal trainer. I have been training with him twice a week since around 2010 and I don’t think we have ever repeated an exercise. He specialises in core functional training and sports specific training for mountain bikers, triathletes and Ironman athletes (and other sports) from intermediate level to full time pro. I started Mountain biking in my forties and, through Taygan’s program, became a pretty competitive racer achieving A-batch starts in every race regardless of the field size. Best of all is that his training is innovative, unique, fun, damn hard and he never cops out by doing what the rest of the trainers or the people in the gym are doing. People in the gym generally give us some strange looks given the type of training Taygan invents – balancing on stability balls, hanging from TRX’s, one hand on the BOSU, etc, etc – but then they give it a try and realise the complexity of the movement, level of balance required and level of stability required to complete the exercise. If you want a coach that will improve your life by building core stability and enhancing your functional capabilities instead of just adding weights to machines in the gym, then Taygan’s your man. Also, many top athletes have improved their performance in their specific disciplines whether it is biking, running, swimming, water-polo, rugby or any other sport with Taygan – give it a try!” ~ David Hill February 2019

“Training with Taygan and Coach Inc was a pleasure…In person an in-depth assessment to start and get set-up followed by a customized virtual coaching programme targeting specific races. I enjoyed having the flexibility to plan the Wattbike sessions around my schedule and experienced great results!” ~ Rob Grainger

“Training with Taygan has been hugely beneficial, three months in and I feel a huge improvement in fitness and power. Its goal orientated and makes best use of my time, focused training without the junk miles. Be prepared to suffer a little….or a lot.” ~ Bryan Charters

“From three shoulder surgeries to a 4km ocean swim in 6 months! Taygan’s approach was to build strength and flexibility and then throw in some short sharp activity to get my base fitness levels up. I have subsequently gone on to run both the Berlin and Paris marathons in respectable times and still been able to stop for a beer at the 32km mark…! No long boring distances…short sharp and intense sessions, solid core work while never forgetting about stability!” ~Gavin Markgraaf

“Taygan Robson has totally revolutionised my training. I have gone from long unfocused inefficient training sessions to shorter more focused efficient training sessions. This more focused approach to training has transformed my success and enjoyment of sport, and in just 6 months led to me improving my 70.3 IronMan time by 20 minutes from 06:00 to 05:40, totally remarkable taking into account that I trained less than previous years. Train smart, be consistent, get results.” ~Stuart Campbell

“The ABSA Cape Epic is the ultimate MTB event, something that I always wanted to do. The daunting task was made achievable with the structured, bespoke coaching with Taygan.” ~Clinton Haley

“When it’s cold and dark and the voice inside your head says go back to sleep, just remember the team are out there sweating and cursing through zone 4 and 5! Never let your team suffer alone! Functional sweat workout…Core into Wattbike.” ~ Graeme